# Social bookmarking with Pinterest

1. What is the name + purpose of the technology tool you are using?

Pinterest is a form of social media that allows you to set up virtual pin boards and share what you pin to these board with others. You can pin any image from the internet to a pin board and it links it to the website it was pinned from. You can also follow other peoples’ boards and see what they pin. If you like something on someones else’s board you can repin it to your own boards. In this way there is a whole lot of sharing of great ideas and resources, video, blogs and websites. 


2. How has it helped you as a teacher + your students learning?

I have been using this media as a resource for new ideas and downloadable teaching resources. I have resourced my literacy centre groups (aka: reading groups) and my maths learning centres with many great activities and games from links I have found on pinterest. Many of them were free downloads which I have colour printed and laminated so they can be used again and again. It has been a cheap way to get new resources and a great way to find new ideas and new ways of teaching/reviewing concepts. The kids have loved many of these activities/resources. 

I have also found new ideas for teaching through people pinning videos, anchor charts and classroom management ideas. One example of something I have tried is some of the ‘Whole Brain Teaching’ strategies. The kids have loved the some of these new approaches such as whole class participation (no hands up), Props or shout-outs (something the champion teacher notes have encouraged us to try), peer teaching moments and whole class responses to teacher requests that I have found to increased first time obedience levels in my classroom.

3. What do you see as the advantages/disadvantages of this tool?

The advantage of this tool is that it allows you to store many great links to web sites visually. I used to use bookmarks but often forgot about them- the visual nature of pinterest allows you to remember and access readily what you have pinned to your boards.

It has opened a whole new way of sharing teacher resources and ideas. I now follow many teachers on pinterest (many of them American teachers) and have learnt a lot from their methods as I have looked at what they are pinning.
More and more teachers are starting to share ideas about technology too. So I have sourced some good i-pad apps from recommendations on pinterest.
Disadvantages- It is very addictive and I probably spend too much time looking at wonderful things ( I admit I also love looking at home ideas, art and craft ideas and scrapbooking ideas!!)
Example 2:
4. What links/resources can you suggest in relation to this tool? – 3-5 great links..or more!

The whole site is links to places on the web- you just need to start exploring!

5. Why might Christian teachers want to use this tool?

It is a way to share ideas, resources-  I have found that working in a Christian school- budgets are very tight and this has opened cheap ways to resource my classroom.

It also has great potential for Christian content to be shared- what a great opportunity this is!!
Is this something you could use in your teaching?
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