#4 Let’s hear from the man himself..

Hey good folk.

Not much from me this week – just a couple of Hattie clips.

Have a watch and comment if you have time. Particularly interested in any concerns/critiques from a Christian perspective.

Any educational ideology needs filtering…I am sure we all agree.

Part 1

Part 2

Post thoughts in the comments section at your leisure, or just have a watch and reflection.




2 thoughts on “#4 Let’s hear from the man himself..

  1. I Definitely think there is some stuff to consider here. For me, the first thing to reflect on is the stage 5 boys and girls classes we run. I have had this class for 3 years now, and it needs to be reviewed to see if it is improving student learning in a comparable way. If not, then it is time to look at other strategies, ones that may be more effective.

    • Thanks for the comment Garry. I think you are right. Check the meta-analysis, look at what we do, measure the results and adjust what we do.It would be interesting to assess the effectiveness of the gender separated staged classes over the last three years + to consider the biblical basis behind gender separated classes…I will leave that one to you ; )

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