# 144 Character community..

This week we chat to Josh Hammann about using twitter to create community and connect to professional learning networks. Enjoy the read : )

p.s the bits in bold are my emphasis..

1. What is the name + purpose of the technology tool you are using?

Tongarra Sport’s use of twitter is to build community with a more instant access to results and information about Tongarra Sport. It gives me a platform to speak from that otherwise would not be there. It reinforces the messages that my face to face interactions  have during Sport or PE. It also has the purpose of communicating more effectively to parents.

2. How has it helped you as a teacher + your students learning?

My answer is much the same as Question 1. I would say it helps reinforces good sporting culture that I try to build. It helps students align with that vision in a way they may not have in the past.

Personally as a teacher it has assisted me to connect with resources and professionals who may not be anywhere near me geographically or that I would ever have their contact details.

3. What do you see as the advantages/disadvantages of this tool?

Adv – I have been able to connect and excite a sizeable portion of the school community that may not have had any interest in Sport before hand. Students who are often the inactive ones are talking about results, upcoming events. This I believe will have a flow on effect to becoming more active in the future. Other advantages include an instant access for parents and students on information, photos and results. It helps to build momentum towards large school wide events eg: City/Country, 30th Celebration etc.

Disadv – needs to be more widely accepted among the school community to achieve it ultimate aims. Eg: linked in with school website so parents without twitter can access the information. Also needs to be linked with other twitter accounts among faculty groups or Whole School account. This can create continuity among information

Screenshot of Tongarra Sport twitter page:

4. What links/resources can you suggest in relation to this tool? – 3-5 great links..or more!

Not a heap of answers here. Hootsuite – allows you to schedule tweets. Obviously Twitter works well with instagram or other photo apps. Usually people will read and look at tweets with an attached photo more often.

Not a link but a tip. The most efficient time to tweet something is 9am, 3:00pm and 8:00pm, this is when people are most likely to read a tweet.

5. Why might Christian teachers want to use this tool?

It would be the reason Christians would want to use any tool. To glorify God in all their interactions – the tool itself is irrelevant, it is just the vehicle to get the message across. Twitter can be used to discourage, bring down or shame people. I use it for the opposite reasons – to champion God glorifying sportsmanship, to promote healthy living to encourage wonderful performances.


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