# ed.mo.do

“..there was initial pandemonium followed quickly by unveiled enthusiasm and excitement..”

Allyson Beddoe talks about using Edmodo to excite primary students about homework…yes it can be done!

1. What is the name + purpose of the technology tool you are using?

I have been using the technology tool, Edmodo for the purpose of  assignments and homework.

2. How has it helped you as a teacher + your students’ learning?

Edmodo has been a helpful tool as it has brought technology into an area of learning often neglected – homework. Over the years, homework is one area that I have always had difficulty in raising enthusiasm in my students. Once I created an account and explained to the students that homework was going to be online, there was initial pandemonium followed quickly by unveiled enthusiasm and excitement – about doing homework none the less! (Value of traditional homework).


3. What do you see as the advantages/disadvantages of this tool?

The disadvantages with using Edmodo for homework and assignment work is that not all students have computers or Internet access. Also, at this stage, not all file types are compatible so it also depends on the software that the students have access to. This can prevent them from uploading their tasks and assignments.

On the up side, on top of the excitement edmodo brings, it overcomes issues like ‘lost’ or ‘forgotten’ assignments. Edmodo allows students to submit their work from anywhere. Is also keeps parents in the loop as to what the assignment is, when it’s due and to whom. It has the option to record all marks allocated for each assignment and convert them into excel spreadsheets for assessing purposes and to give. Edmodo is very easy to navigate around and students can use it with ease.




4. What links/resources/tips can you suggest in relation to this tool?

I still have my ‘L’ plates on when it comes to using Edmodo but a few of the tools, within edmodo, that I find beneficial are the annotating tool, the planner and the tag option. The annotating tool allows teachers to write comments directly onto their students’ assignments. The students can then access their assignments on edmodo to receive their marks and comments. It requires no to and fro that other programs require or multiple uploading and downloading to achieve this. The planner allows teachers and students to see when different assignments are set and the assignment load for individual students. It aids in organisation for teachers and students alike. The tag option allows students to filter out posts and files specific to a particular topic or assessment.



5. Why might Christian teachers want to use this tool?

It allows many communication tools to be kept central and easily accessible. It aids the collaboration with parents in the teaching/learning process of students. Edmodo also provides a pathway for open and honest communication with parents. Today the Internet and social networking sites are plagued by people possessing ulterior and ungodly motives. Edmodo provides a safe way to allow students, their parents and teachers to communicate and expand learning in a protected environment


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